10 Methods of Hair Removal

Are you looking for ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but you’re not quite sure which way is best for you? Here is a list of ten ways to remove unwanted hair.


The most used method of hair removal: shaving. It is cheap, easy and quick.


A painful, but effective method of hair removal: waxing. Wax strips are used with material to which hairs will stick to. When you pull off the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth, the hairs will be removed including the hair follicles, causing them to stay away for several weeks.

Chemical Depilatory

Chemical depilatory contains active ingredients which weaken the hair so it can be easily scraped off. This takes effect rapidly – within three to five minutes. However, it is not possible to get a completely smooth result such as after shaving with a razor blade. It is painless, though.

Lady Shave

Using a Lady Shave, you can remove unwanted hair easily and painless. However, the results of this method are not very long lasting – hairs start growing back within a day, causing you to require to use the Lady Shave again.


Using an epilation device, you remove hairs including the hair follicle, causing a smooth effect for several weeks. Sadly, this method is a little painful and this method can only be used when hairs are at least two milimeters.

Hair Removal Pads

A hair removal pad is a rubber glove with a sandpaper-like texture on it. By rubbing over the skin in a twisting motion, the hairs are scrubbed off.


Threading is a method of hair removal commonly practiced in Eastern countries. It works by using a cotton thread which is held in a way it creates a form of a scissors. When used on the skin, it grabs multiple hairs at once by using a twisting motion. The hairs are removed including the hair follicle, so results will last several weeks. The pain experienced by threading is similar to that of tweezing, and this method is mostly used on smaller surfaces, such as the face.

Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is a thick substance made of sugar, lemon juice and water, much resembling the consistency of caramel. It is easy to make it yourself. This method of hair removal is found to be less painful than traditional waxing.

Laser Hair Removal

A pretty painless, but expensive method: laser hair removal. A laser converts light to heat, causing hair follicles to get destroyed. This method works best on dark hairs and should not be used on a dark skin.

Intense Pulsed Light

Another pricy method of hair removal: Intense Pulsed Light (abbrevated as IPL) destroys hair follicles by means of light flashes. This does not mean you will forever be rid of unwanted hair – it requires frequent treatments to reduce the amount of hair growth.

Tips about hair removal

  • A disadvantage of waxing is the fact that this method creates tiny wounds which may change color by UV-radiation. It is recommended to keep the waxed body part out of the sun for 24 hours.
  • Some health insurances may cover the costs of laser hair removal, if the problem is excessive.
  • When shaving with a razor blade, make sure you frequently wash off the blade with water. This way, you will ensure your razor will have a longer life span.
  • For the best results when shaving, shave during or right after showering. The warm hair from showering makes the hairs softer, causing them to be easier to remove.
  • For optimal smooth results when shaving, it is recommended to replace the blade after about 6 shaving sessions.
  • Getting treated with the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) method at a beauty salon is extremely pricy. Similar results can be achieved by purchasing an IPL device that you can use at home.