8 SEO Terms Explained



SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and can not be viewed apart from SEO. While the goal of SEO is to make a website user and search engine friendly, SEM takes this a step further by being all about increasing profits with the use of keyword and niche research, link strategies, etc.

Title Tag

A title tag (the title of your web page in between the <title> </title> tags) is one of the most important factors of good on-page SEO. It is a good idea to have a catchy title tag with related keywords.

Meta Tag

Meta Tags are used in the head of a your HTML code to give search engines more information about your site.


PageRank is a method of ordering websites pages by importance.


A backlink is simply a link on a different website pointing to your website. Backlinks are important for increasing your PageRank.


Linkbaiting or link building is the act of generating links on other websites that point to your website.

Anchor text

Anchor text is the clickable text of a link on a website. For your search engine rankings, it is more effective to have keyword-rich anchor text. For example, having a link that says “5 easy exercises” is better than “click here”, which a lot of people do.


NoFollow is a value used in a hyperlink which tells search engines not to pass on any credibility or influence to the link. If you want search engines to follow a link, simply add rel=”dofollow” to the HTML markup.