InspireMari.nl profile pictureWelcome to inspiremari.nl – a website that strives to inspire you in any way possible. What you will find here, are blog posts related to anything that interests my person. This means what you’ll mostly find are articles related to anything that has to do with a computer, such as tutorials (Windows tutorials, graphic design tutorials,…), tips, resources and games (reviews, info, screenshots etc).

inspiremari.nl was registered back in 2009 and has served as home for my personal interests ever since, undergoing many changes. In 2016, inspiremari.nl has received a complete overhaul with a fresh start.

Who is behind inspiremari.nl?

Oh, you mean the person typing all of this up? My online alias is InspireMari (could you have guessed?) and close friends call me Mari. But you know what, you can call me Mari, too! 🙂

I am 30 years old, living in the Netherlands. Building websites has been my hobby and greatest interest (along with drawing) ever since I was little. As soon as my parents hooked us up the Internet, I started building websites when I had the chance. My very first website was hosted on Homestead.com, but when they shut down their service, I moved to GeoCities (Yahoo!). I’ve also hosted websites on Angelfire and Brinkster, even AOL! Ahh, those were the days…

In 2003 I registered my first domain name and hosting (for quite a sum!) and I have had several websites ever since.

My websites

inspiremari.nl – you’re here!
kawaiiswirl.com – website with a heavy focus on anything cute (kawaii)
sylverfox.net – a virtual petsite under construction

My computer

  • Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming
  • Processor: AMD FX6300 AM3
  • Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX750Ti Gaming 2GB
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Tablet: Wacom Bamboo CTH-460
  • Mouse: Bargain bin 😀 (HP)

Thank you so much for stopping by!