Aika Online First Experience

Aika Online

This article is about my first experience with Aiko Online, published by gPotato. As I’m writing this, the game is loading. To say the absolute least, it is taking a tremendous amount of time. The bar progresses slowly, but then finally speeds up near the end.
I am eventually greeted by a little laggy introduction, which is a sign I need to lower the settings. I lowered the settings by one degree and tried again. Luckily, the loading didn’t take nearly as long this time. However, the intro still lags the same. I might better reduce the resolution. Now, I’ll create a character. Apparently, there are six classes (gender-locked): Warrior, Paladin, Rifleman, Dual Gunner, Warlock and Cleric. Upon first glance, the dual gunner and cleric appeal to me the most. Although I usually go for fighter types, I initially chose the Paladin. However, I created a Dual Gunner later on and am certainly not regretting this.

Aika Online NPC

Aika Adventure

My adventure starts in Regenshein where I will be introduced to the game with quests. Due to quite a number of people standing around the NPCs, they are kind of hard to notice. The quest dialogs are interesting and unique – the screen alternates between the NPC and your character while you converse with the NPC. NPCs also say something (real voice) upon clicking them and the background music may change.
I navigate using the mouse, point-and-click, and I use the W, A, S, D keys when it’s hard to click on the screen (when objects are in the way). Aika offers a lot of quests that keep me busy for long time. Upon accepting a quest, you can find the info in your quest log or on the side of the screen, with the exact information that you need. VERY useful! On top of this, and I love Aika for this, the game has a Navigation UI. I can simply select a quest and an arrow will guide me to the area with monsters/npc.

Attacking monsters is simple, by double clicking on the monster your character starts attacking. Any items the monsters may drop go directly into my inventory. That’s nice!

Aika Online OVER 9000!!! Aika Online meme reference or simple coincidence? Either way, it’s over 9000!

Aika Problems

So far, I have encountered several problems while playing Aika. Luckily, I’ve also found out how to fix them, so maybe one of these issues could help out a fellow player when they’re stuck.

  • Incomplete Map
    On my way to Regenshein, halfway on the bridge, the rest of the map didn’t load. This automatically fixed itself while I walked around there, puzzled and wondered what was going on.
  • Run Feature
    The Run feature doesn’t seem to work too well for me. I fix this by manually traveling.
  • Confusing Quest Info
    I had some trouble completing the quest to obtain my Pran. The quest info stated I needed Fire Essence, Water Essence and Air Essence. However, the quest on the side bar stated I needed 5 apples. Truth is: You need to get a food item, whichever it states on your quest side bar.
  • Invisible NPC
    In Regenshein, I couldn’t see Otto von Schroder where he should be. In other MMOs, NPCs sometimes only appear during certain times, so I wondered if that could be the case. I asked a fellow Aitan, who advised me to logout and log back in, and otherwise try a different server/channel. Logging out and back in did the trick for me.

Final Verdict

I can only end this article positively: I love Aika Online! I will definitely continue playing it. I have found a new amazing MMO to play.