App Review: Naughty Kitties

Naughty Kitties Screenshot

Naughty Kitties is a free to play casual 2D side-scrolling shooter published by Coconut Island Games, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 5.1 and up. The game is suitable for all ages. Naughty Kitties has combined two popular game types: tower defense and endless runner. Coupled with cute cats and generally excellent graphics, this game is definitely worth a try.

What I love about Naughty Kitties

The Graphics
The cute cats are what drew me to the game and convinced me to give it a try. The game seemed interesting enough from the screenshots that were displayed; well done 2D graphics and cell-shading style coloring. There are plenty of cats to unlock in the game, all with a unique and awesome design.

Music & Sounds
Cute sounds and sound effects. Nothing more, nothing less; it’s all good as it is.

Naughty Kitties Screenshot

The Game
Do you love endless runners and tower defense games? Do you like cats? I mean, super awesome cats with awesome special attacks and awesome designs? Yeah, I think you should give Naughty Kittes a try. This app is a 2D side-scrolling shooter without an end! That’s right – you have to fight until all of your cats have been beaten.

In Naughty Kitties, you start out with a basic ship with enough room for 3 cats. You can use a cat with a machine gun, grenade launcher and you’ll have a repair ‘cat’ to fix your ship when it gets damaged. (Psst. The repair cat looks kinda…strange, doesn’t it?)
Once you start the battle, enemies will continuously attack your ship and cats. As the health bar of your cats decreases, you will have to replace them with a different cat in order to continue attacking.
Want stronger attacks? Get three of the same cats on your ship to attack at once.

Naughty Kitties Screenshot

What I don’t like about Naughty Kitties

The game is rather repetitive; apart from being able to choose new cats, different ships and new levels, it is still the same endless game. Whereas your goals initially are unlocking all of those aforementioned features, once you have them, there isn’t really much to go for.

The further you progress, the longer you’ll end up playing. At first, you’ll die pretty quickly. However, as you unlock stronger cats and better ships, your game will take longer. I’ve reached up to 20 minutes of gameplay in one go. Which is all nothing but reloading cats. The only plus side here is the fact that the game has a pause feature.

Naughty Kitties Rating

Rating ScoreNaughty Kitties is a fun game with awesome graphics and a lot of potential. You should definitely give this game a go. Although, like I mentioned, I lose interest after unlocking all there is to unlock and am basically left with repetitive gameplay, until then I have enjoyed every second of it. This game is worth a download, if you’re only going to play it a few times.