App Review: Penguin Diner 3D

Penguin Diner 3D Screenshot Penguin Diner 3D is a free to play app published by BigWig which offers in-app purchases. The objective of Penguin Diner 3D is to manage a restaurant. You pick a boy or girl penguin and serve the penguin customers that are visiting your restaurant

What I love about Penguin Diner 3D

The Graphics Penguin Diner 3D features cute 3D graphics and super cute designs. The colors are bright and nice to look at. Music & Sounds The game features very little music, but the sound effects are just fine. Characters make cute sounds. Penguin Diner 3D Screenshot The Game When you start the game, you can choose a boy or girl penguin to serve your customers. You will be instructed on what to do, which is to serve your customers and not let them wait too long. The game features 90 levels as of writing this review. You can get many boosters, upgrades and even clothes for your character. Penguin Diner 3D Screenshot

What I don’t like about Penguin Diner 3D

Since the game is simple and straight forward, I don’t expect too much of it; it is a nice game that can be played whenever for as long as you want. The only down side are the crystals, which can be purchased with real money; they are pretty hard to obtain in-game. Some levels are hard to complete if you don’t have enough crystals to buy the items that are needed.

Penguin Diner 3D Rating

Rating ScoreA simple game with very cute 3D graphics that is perfect to waste some time with and have some fun. There isn’t much else to it other than completing as many levels as you can and the major down side is the crystals being hard to obtain.