Cryptocurrency Gulden is taking off

Gulden virtual currency

Cryptocurrency Gulden is taking off

Looks like the Netherlands may be having their previous currency back, albeit in virtual form: the cryptocurency Gulden is increasing in popularity.

With Gulden you can send money and wire it to any IBAN account or make payments anywhere Bitcoins are accepted.

How does Cryptocurrency Gulden work?

According to the website, the value of Gulden goes up with any new user of the cryptocurrency. You can very easily set up your wallet on your computer, phone or tablet and place an order online with a minimum investment of €10 (fluctuating around a worth of 130 gulden at the time of writing).

As with gold and silver, the value of this cryptocurrency is determined by demand. The official website states that the value of Gulden went up by 35% in 2015. This is of course way more than what your savings can get you on the bank. Especially with the interesting being next to nothing in the Netherlands…

The Guldens are stored in your app on your mobile phone or in your wallet on your desktop computer or laptop. You can make payments anywhere Guldens or Bitcoins are accepted, and you can transfer money to any IBAN bank account with the Gulden app. This makes it very easy to use your virtual money if you want to. Worth a try?

Being Dutch, I do of course feel nostalgic about my previous currency and I see potential in this cryptocurrency. At any rate, I figured investing 10 euros can’t hurt. What I like especially about Gulden, is that it can be used wherever Bitcoins can be used. This makes it quite flexible.

Apparently we will still be able to use the Gulden to make purchases online. It’s a little bit of nostalgia for Dutch people. Let’s see where the Gulden cryptocurrency will lead us.

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