Get $10 for free on Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode Free Discount Coupons

If you’re looking to shop for some Japanese / Anime goods, you should seriously consider Tokyo Otaku Mode. They’re selling everything related to Japanese anime, manga, games, music and fashion and their prices cater to any budget, ranging from just $0.99 to over a hundred dollar.
Currently, they have a promotion going on where they offer free shipping when you order at least 2 items. Seeing as shipping to my country (The Netherlands) is rather pricy, I went ahead and took advantage of that offer. Upon receiving the purchased goods, I will write a blog post. ­čÖé

Now, as for that $10 discount you can get. It’s pretty simple. You sign-up through an invite link (preferably mine ^_^) and you will receive $5 in TOM Points (TOM stands for Tokyo Otaku Mode). But that’s not all! After you confirmed your email address, you should receive a $5 Welcome Coupon. So that’s a total of 10 dollar discount you can use on your first purchase!

Simply put, it goes like this:

  • Sign up using my invite link (thank you!)
  • After signing up, you’ll have $5 worth in TOM Points on your balance
  • And after confirming your email, you will have a $5 Welcome Coupon which you can use with your next purchase

But wait! There’s more!

Now that you are signed up, you can invite people with YOUR code and those people will $5 in TOM Points and SO WILL YOU (after they placed an order)!

Otaku Mode Coupon Rules

A coupon expires 3 days after activating it, so use it when you get the chance!
You can use only one coupon per order, but coupons can be used in combination with TOM points. (So in this case, you can get $10 off of your order + free shipping if you order at least two items before January 1st!)