Grand Fantasia Beginner Review

This time, I will be reviewing my experience as a beginner playing the MMORPG Grand Fantasia, published by AeriaGames.

Upon starting the game, I had problems connecting to a server. I waited a day or two and the problem seemed to fix itself. I had the same problem with Eden Eternal, and the problem is also fixed for that game.
Either way, it’s a good thing. I was able to start Grand Fantasia and give it a try!
I can say, so far, my overall impression this MMO game is positive. I have compiled two lists with positive and negative aspects of Grand Fantasia.

Grand Fantasia Pros

  • Breakable objects (vases, treasure chests) which may contain item bags.
  • I LOVE the music in Grand Fantasia! The music alone is a reason to start the game up.
  • I love the graphics and beautifully designed areas.
  • Great and cute monster designs.
  • Auto Routing!

Grand Fantasia Cons

  • I find the potions to have a way too long cool time, however I can work with this so far.
  • Chatbox text sometimes hard to read, not sure if this can be changed.

That’s really all there is for the down sides of Grand Fantasia so far. I’m having a lot of fun playing this game and I recommend you to try it too. ­čÖé

For some reason, I couldn’t advance my character’s class at level 15. After Googling around, I figured I’m not the only one. I decided to cut my losses and restart with a new character. It had been quite some time since I started Grand Fantasia the first time, so I figured it would also help me understand the game better by starting over. I didn’t quite like my initial character anyway…

So I went for a cute girl with a lovely pink haircut and matching pink eyes! Normally I don’t match everything, but bright yellow or orange eyes weren’t available for this style of eyes I chose.
As always, I spent a couple of minutes pondering of what to call her, and decided to go for Nemoe – a mixture of the Latin word ‘nemo’, connected with the Japanese word ‘moe’ (so be sure to pronounce it correctly! :P).

Now, back to Siwa Island, doing quests, with a little more knowledge of the game than I had when I first started. Slaying some cute pink Jelly Rabbits and enjoying the music. Let’s see how fast I’ll get back to level 15…

I also really like the crabs – they have various smilies on their backs. ­čÖé

Defeating Rook Baron

On Siwa Island, Muha gives you the Quest “Defend Siwa Village”. For this Quest, you will have to defeat a large, intimidating monster called Rook Baron and collect the item he drops: Stone Giant’s Crystal Ball.
I advice you to be at least level 8 when battling Rook Baron and make sure you have learned some skills. Skills can be learned from Muha. Also make sure you’ve equipped yourself with some better armor suitable for your level and I’d say you’re good to go. The Quest will give you 5 silver, 90 copper and a weapon as reward.

Anyway, looks like my adventure on Siwa Island has come to an end. All Quests are finished. It’s time to travel to a different city. Last time I chose Kaslow, this time I’ll choose Jale.


O’Mallow is a giant fluff mini-boss. I took on the Quest to defeat it at level 12, and I have to say it’s tough battle. Takes some skill by working with what you’ve got to defeat it. I defeated it by not wasting a second and timing my potion use carefully, using the only two skills that I learned so far.

A little lost for a moment on how to get back to where I was, because I want to go to Kaslow, I entered a portal to Scorching Wind Desert, where I stumbled upon a bunch of spiders. Upon noticing their level (42!) I immediately turned around and ran back, LOL.
Oh well, did some more monster slaying and questing and reached level 14. Went to the Class Master in Jale, and he actually gave me a Quest this time! It worked! Although a little confusing, with the help of a friendly guildmate, I became a Warrior. And this is where I’ll end my first blog post on Grand Fantasia. You should give the game a try!