Hey Hospital server shut down August 31 2018

hey hospital android app game

Hey Hospital game screenshot

Hey Hospital, a free to play hospital simulation game available for Android, was first released about a year ago and unfortunately, has already decided to shut down their servers as of August 31st, 2018.

The free app game Hey Hospital entered its second beta stage in February 2018 and unfortunately, didn’t quite live through it. Initially Hey Hospital appeared to be an excellent free sim game for Android phones – with great, bright graphics, unique character descriptions, nice music and frequent updates.

At some point, however, support for this game stopped. The Facebook page which was once so lively became more quiet. It still had several users posting every now and then, and trying to get a hold of the admins.

Until one day it was discovered that the developers of Hey Hospital were working on a new game called Hospital Town. This new game appears to be largely the same as Hey Hospital, with some changes as well as new features. Of course this made the players of the original game speculate that the developers might end up abandoning Hey Hospital… and so they did. At the end of August, they announced the server shut down of their game on Facebook.

I personally find it very unfortunate that the developers decided to get rid of this game. I think it had a lot of potential in becoming a big game. With Hey Hospital having been shut down, they are now focusing on their new game Hospital Town.


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