Hot Air Balloon

Today was another very sunny and warm day. I’ve been on a ~2,5 hour bike trip in the early afternoon, biked around 25 kilometers and took a few pictures, which I may upload later, and got fresh strawberries. Then later, I felt like going outside again, so I suggested to my boyfriend we’d go to the park. Once there, we walked around and took a seat on a bench across a playground where children were playing. Then, a car was coming (normally cars are not allowed there) and the children started running up to it. Wondering what it was about, we started guessing. Maybe an ice cream truck? Why were the children so excited? More and more people were coming and a man and his daughter passed by, I heard her say “is he going in the balloon by himself?”. It was quite obvious then, the truck (two actually) was preparing to set up a hot air balloon! Luckily, I’ve got some pictures to share.

Hot Air Balloon Standing on a small hill, where I had a good view of the things that were going on. In this picture, they’ve laid out the balloon.
We had actually been standing there for about an hour waiting for something to happen…

Hot Air Balloon Preparing the hot air balloon to go up.

Hot Air Balloon And there it goes!

Hot Air Balloon It went up pretty rapidly, actually.

Hot Air Balloon Soon, it was high up in the air. It was still visible for quite a few minutes.

Hot Air Balloon But that was it, and people were leaving. As my boyfriend and I walked back through the park to go home, I spotted the balloon once more and took another picture.