How to make 3D dice in GIMP

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make 3D dice in GIMP. All material will be made from scratch (of course you can use premade textures if you want) and no extra plugins need to be installed. It’s just a quick tutorial showing you how to do it. So, let’s get started!

GIMP 3D dice

First, we will need several layers with the images for the die. I am working with images of 350×350 pixels, white background. I quickly created all sides of the die with a simple pink round brush (2. Hardness 100, size 77).

GIMP 3D Dice Tutorial

If you have all sides ready, we can start creating the 3D image of the die. Go to Filters -> Map -> Map Object. In the General Options, select Box. I checked ‘Transparent background’.

GIMP 3D Dice Tutorial

Next, go the Box tab. Select each individual side and map it to your layers, as seen in the image above. Afterward, go to the Orientation Tab to change the orientation of your die, so that several sides will be visible. My settings are as follows:
X: 0.50000
Y: 0.50000
Z: 0.00000

X: 27.5
Y: -30.0
Z: 0.0

When you are finished, press ‘OK’ to map your layers to your die! Depending on the size of your image, this will just take a sec.

GIMP 3D Dice Tutorial And there you go! Your 3D die created with GIMP.