Language Resources

I love languages. I always have. Ever since I was a child, languages have fascinated me. My native tongue is Dutch, but from about the age of 11 I started watching MTV Europe, broadcasting 90s hits throughout Europe, which was all in English. This has helped me a great deal to learn English. When I was 13, our household got an Internet connection and because of most things being available in English, it helped me improve my English even more. Paired with chatting, mailing and writing English-speaking friends, my English skills have reached a native level.

But English is not the only language in the world, just the most easy for me to pick up. I became interested in a lot of European languages, and Japanese. As a teenager I wanted to learn Korean, but I could never find any good books in any city in my country.
Thanks to the Internet, it has become easier to learn languages. There are great language resources out there that can help. I have created these resources for myself – but I am eager to share them with anyone who might find use in them.

Learn Japanese

Japanese by spaced repetition