Japanese by Spaced Repetition

I am learning Japanese in various ways. One way that I like to practice learning a language, is by means of spaced repetition. There are without a doubt plenty of resources out there to help you learn Japanese by means of spaced repetition.
However I would like to use a system which includes the words and phrases that I am learning at this moment. I have a work book full of Japanese words and phrases, but repeatedly going back to look over them would cause me to learn by memorization. That is not how it should be done, so I decided to create this generator which randomly shows a word or phrase when you click on the button. Simply hover over the word to see the translation.
Please note that there may be errors. I do not guarantee that all words are phrases are accurate and complete. If you find any mistakes, feel free to contact me to point them out. Any mistakes will of course be fixed as soon as possible.

In the mean time, thank you for checking my Japanese by Spaced Repetition page – I hope it’s of use to you!

Japanese words/phrases generators

20 random Japanese words (date added: January 4, 2017)
25 random Japanese words (date added: February 18, 2017)
17 Japanese phrases (date added: February 20, 2017)
15 Japanese phrases (date added: March 1, 2017)

When you have gone through all of these lists, you have learned at least 124 Japanese words!
(This is not an exact number but an (under)estimate.)