Play a Game, Earn a Wallpaper

One of the cutest commercials on TV ever is the one from about Na-Aapje (in English: copy-cat). It mentioned one should go to and play the game. So, I did! And it’s fun.

How Na-Aapje works

Na-Aapje is a flash game about a monkey that should eat as many vegetables as possible. It’s basically supposed to promote vegetables to children. Now, I know it’s all Dutch, but don’t worry, it’s pretty simple!

Once you’ve loaded the game, Na-aapje will eat some veggies. Then, he’ll jump. While he keeps jumping, you need to make sure he lands on a branch by using your arrow keys. The more vegetables Na-Aapje eats, the stronger he’ll be and the higher he’ll jump.
You start with three lives. When you fall down, you lose a life.
Bonus asignments: When Na-Aapje (on the left side of the game) tells you to get certain vegetables, grab those in the order as they are shown and you will earn a maximum of 5 extra lives for doing so.
You can also jump on the birds, but jumping against them is not a good idea.

When Na-Aapje eats a banana, he’ll shoot up really fast and you can earn extra points!