Playing LaTale again

LaTale Wallpaper

After many, many months of inactivity, I can finally get back to playing OGPlanet’s LaTale again. After reaching level 34 a couple of years ago, I suddenly got an X-Trap error (08-0400-00000000-509)when trying to start LaTale on my desktop computer.

X-Trap Error LaTale “Some functions of the operating system have been corrupted. Please, close any program which is affecting game client and restart the system.”
Tool Name: system32/d3d9.dll

I have never been able to figure out what the issue was about, and I’ve tried numerous things to get it to run, but alas. I gave up. LaTale still ran on my laptop, however, the keyboard is so small, it’s uncomfortable to play the game on it. Luckily, by logging in every once in a while on my laptop, I was able to keep my main character from falling victim to OGPlanet’s LaTale Character Name Wipe.

Two days ago, I tried starting LaTale on my laptop again, and I got an error. Since it didn’t work on my laptop this time anymore, I figured I’d give it a shot and re-install LaTale on my desktop pc.
After re-installing, I started the game and hoped for the best.

LaTale servers I can say I was ever so pleasantly surprised when I made it to the server selection screen!

LaTale Temple of Pluton I selected the server, channel, my character and logged in. Waited… and here I was, in my favorite map so far, Temple of Pluton! (Because of the epic background music. I tell you, it’s awesome.)

And I changed nothing on my computer all this time… nothing drastic that seemed necessary, at least. So, I don’t know what changed, but I’m happy I can go back to playing LaTale. I missed the game, the graphics and the amazing background music in every single map.
Oh yeah, and I can start using those 236 Astro that I purchased back in 2009.