Review: Outlast

HD Screenshot Outlast

Developer:   Red Barrels
Publisher:   Red Barrels
Platforms:   Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
Genre:   Survival Horror
Mode:   Single Player
Release Dates:   Microsoft Windows: September 4, 2013
PlayStation 4: 2014

Outlast forces you from one critical situation into another, providing you with a startling horror experience. In this game, you are Miles Upshur, an independent journalist who received an anonymous tip from an insider. Carrying nothing but a camcorder, Miles travels to the deserted Mount Massive Asylum, a psychiatric hospital owned and operated by the Murkoff corporation, situated far from the outside world. It is dark, very dark. Miles finds a way into the asylum, where he will greatly rely on the night vision function of his camcorder in order to see something, for which he will continuously need to look for batteries throughout the asylum.

HD Screenshot Outlast Don’t worry, just someone bathing an inmate. Move along.

Outlast Gameplay

Once you enter the asylum, you will soon find out that you will depend on the night vision function of your camcorder in order to navigate through the many dark areas. To use this night vision, your camera needs batteries. The battery in your cam dies fast, so you will need to keep a look out for new batteries as you are making your way through the asylum. Luckily, there are plenty of batteries scattered across the place, so navigating through the dark shouldn’t be much of a problem if you use your batteries wisely.

HD Screenshot Outlast Well hello there.

And a camera with night vision is all you will have. Miles is not able to defend himself by using objects or weapons. To navigate around the asylum, Miles can walk on ledges, jump over obstacles, crawl into tiny spaces and slide himself through narrow gaps. Luckily, your enemies will not follow you into tiny spaces or through narrow gaps. But make sure you go far enough; they can grab you if you are within reach.

You will get chased. A lot.
There will be plenty of moments Miles has to run for his life; many of the inmates want to kill Miles as soon as they spot him. So make sure you explore every room and check where you can hide; empty lockers, under beds, etc.

Outlast contains many scary moments. Not only do you need to keep an eye out for inmates who are guarding certain areas, you might also be surprised by what is hiding behind a door or what might suddenly come to life, providing you with thrills and chills throughout the game.

HD Screenshot Outlast A disgusting cell with a dirty toilet, puddle of blood on the floor, markings on the wall and a scared inmate hiding under a bloody bed.

Outlast Controls

The controls for Outlast are great, very fluid, responsive and therefore easy to use. Without a problem you can jump over obstacles and quickly go into or under hiding places.

Outlast Visual & Audio

Outlast is mostly dark, but very detailed. The lighting is very good and adds to the atmosphere, and the night vision function of the camera adds to the suspense of the game.
The design of the game levels is outstanding. You will find realistic trails and puddles of blood, and guts hanging out of dead bodies are very detailed.
As for the audio, the voice acting is well done, as well as the sound effects, which are believable and creepy as they should be.

Outlast Final Words

Game RatingRed Barrels did a terrific job with Outlast. For a horror game, it is a success. Creepy and nerve-wrecking from start to end. The chasing sequences (enemies chasing after you across the room once they spot you) aren’t what makes this game scary, however. It is really not knowing what to expect when you walk through a hallway or open a door that really adds to the suspense of this game.
Of course for best effect, play Outlast at night. Alone or with a friend, but close the curtains and the door and turn off the lights.

This is a Guest Post written by CJ.