Review: Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy Screenshot

Developer:   Cellar Door Games
Platforms:   Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4
Genre:   Platformer, roguelike
Mode:   Single Player
Release Dates:   Microsoft Windows: June 27, 2013
OS X, Linux: October 16, 2013
PS 3, PS Vita, PS 4: 2014

I’ve been taking turns playing Rogue Legacy with my boyfriend in the past few days, and we agree, it is one very entertaining and addictive game! Rogue Legacy is an indie action RPG platformer game. Every time your character dies, one of his or her children will be their successor. Each child is unique and has different traits, and all upgrades achieved by their ancestors are kept.

Rogue Legacy Gameplay

Your goal in Rogue Legacy is to explore a castle, connected to a forest, tower and a dungeon with randomly generated rooms and to defeat the four bosses, each located in a different area, in order to unlock the door to the final boss. Dying is inevitable in this game, but don’t worry, it’s not a big loss. All of your inheritance (gold, achievements) will be transfered to your children. After selecting one out of three randomly generated children to play, you will be able to spend the gold you earned previously and reap the benefits of any acquired skills.
However, your children have special traits. For example, they can be color blind (game will be black & white), have ADHD (faster movement), dyslexia (trouble reading) or dwarfism (character is small and therefore fits into small gaps).

You will collect gold throughout the castle by destroying furniture, defeating enemies and opening chests, which can be used to enhance your characters’ abilities. Be sure to spend your gold well, because in order to enter the castle again, a grim reaper will take your money before allowing you back in.

Rogue Legacy Screenshot Nope.

Rogue Legacy Controls

We played the game using an Xbox controller, making the controls smoother than they would have been if we would have used the keyboard.

Rogue Legacy Visual & Audio

If you enjoy pixel art style, Rogue Legacy is your game. The art style fun, sometimes simple, sometimes detailed, but nevertheless very pleasant to look at.
And then there’s the audio; sound effects are kept simple, but the background music is excellent and will most likely stay in your head after having played the game for a couple of hours because it’s so addicting.
It is even possible that you will stumble upon a jukebox somewhere in the castle, which allows you to cycle through various music tracks. Sadly though, the music chosen on the jukebox will only play as long as you stay in the room where the jukebox is. Once you go into a different room, the default background music for that area will start playing again.

Rogue Legacy Screenshot

Rogue Legacy Final Words

Rogue Legends RatingFinal words? Get the game. NOW. You will not regret it. Rogue Legacy is extremely fun and highly addictive to play. Because the rooms are randomly generated every time your character dies, you will basically have a new experience every time you play. And because dying is okay, it’s perfectly fine if you just wanna play for a couple of minutes.