Tiny Farm Breeding Guide

Breeding animals in Tiny Farm requires Love Points. Love Points regenerate automatically over several minutes, and if you can’t wait, you can buy them with real money. Love Points are given to animals in order to prepare them for breeding. Only adult animals (level 2 and up) of the same species* are able to breed.

* There are occasions where breeding two different species is possible

Tiny Farm Breeding Guide

How to breed animals

When you have given two animals the maximum amount of Love Points, simply drag animal onto another and you will be asked if breeding the animals for X amount of money is okay.
After clicking Yes, a new animal is born from two animals you chose to breed.
Depending on the colors of the parents, the baby animal may be a different color.

Breeding Barn Guide

The Breeding Barn in Tiny Farm allows players to breed with other players. Purchasing the Breeding Barn, which you’ll need to do in order to be able to use it, will cost 1,000 gold. Only adult animals (level 2 and up) can be used in the Breeding Barn.

Tiny Farm Breeding Guide

When you click on the Breeding Barn house on your farm, you will be presented with a bunch of information;

  • Special Chance
    Listed at the top (the horizontal banner) is your Special Chance. This is an opportunity to obtain older animals and rare animals. Note: there is a time limit to your Special Chance – if you do not make use of the offer while it’s valid, it will change.
  • Your Friend List
    On the left side, you will see a number of friends listed together with the animals they have in their Breeding Barns.
  • Suggested Friends
    On the right side, suggested friends are displayed, along with the animals in the Animal Barn.

Using the Breeding Barn costs Friendship Tokens and Gold; the cost varies per animal species/request. If you have a request for breeding, a heart with wings is displayed above your Breeding Barn. In order to request breeding of a player, you must first add them to your friends list.

Tiny Farm Breeding Guide

The one who requests the breeding will receive the offspring (if any; breeding is not guaranteed). The other person will be able to select 1 card out of 3, which will give them a random reward. Rewards include gold, Friendship Tokens, Love Points and Bells.