Trickster Online 2012 Poppuri Event

So I decided to recharge my Driller Girl for 1 week and participate in the Trickster Online 2012 Poppuri Event.

I took several screenshots, however some of them ended up completely black for some reason. 🙁

Trickster Online 2012 Poppuri Event

I’ve been drilling in Gate of Desert Beach and Dark Cave through the entire period. Luckily I was able to get in some parties here and there – it’s always nice to get some extra TM. I think I gained 3 TM levels. I’d know for sure if my first screenshot had saved properly!

This time around, it’s like a battle between Jewelia and Fantasia. Gee, I wonder which server is gonna win. Oh well, at least I can trade some of my hard-earned Poppuri tickets for a Fuzzels pet after the event. Anyway:

One Week Drilling: Results

Trickster Online 2012 Poppuri Event

– As mentioned before, I gained about 3 TM levels.
– 7638 Poppuri boxes, wich gave
– Numerous compound boxes,
– Numerous Elixir Extracts & Jewelry Potions,
– Numerous 500 Galder Coupons,
– 1528 Sweet Fruits,
– 784 Poppuri Tickets.

I took a screenshot of my Compound Box collection as well (saved up from several past Poppuri Events), but it’s in fact nowhere to be found. Sigh.
Anyway, the results are not too shabby. I’ll be eligible for all rewards, of which I most desire the Store More Permit, Hair Dye Tickets and of course the 3,000 MyShop Points. 🙂