Trickster Online: Card Girl Card Quests

Card Girl can be found at various locations throughout Caballa Island. She gives you a riddle about a card, and you will have to bring her the card that is described in the riddle.
She will give you Arcana Cards and base and/or TM experience as reward.

Southeast Forest

First Riddle (lvl 35 and up) Sppo Card

Second Riddle (lvl 40 and up) Forest Mantis Card

Third Riddle (lvl 42 and up) Koom Card

Monster Locations

Sppo (lvl 46): Poppuri Dungeon 2 – Rainbow Cave, Poppuri Dungeon 5 – Root Cave

Forest Mantis (lvl 50): Southwest Forest

Koom (lvl 55): Poppuri Dungeon 3 – Moss Cave

Gate of Caballa Relics

First Riddle (lvl 45 and up) Mimic Card

Second Riddle (lvl 55 and up) Chibcha Card

Third Riddle (lvl 60 and up) Chimu Card

Monster Locations

Mimic (lvl 61): Relics Field 2 – Hand of Giant, Relics Field 3 – Monkey Statues, Relics Field 4 – An Alter for Sacrifice

Chibcha (lvl 73): Caballa Relics Dungeon 1, Caballa Relics Dungeon 3

Chimu (lvl 78): Caballa Relics Dungeon 2, Caballa Relics Dungeon 4, The Trident Maze

Gate of Black Swamp

First Riddle (lvl 120 and up) Electric Snail Card

Second Riddle (lvl 140 and up) Mud Bigfoot Card

Second Riddle (lvl 160 and up) Myconid Card

Second Riddle (lvl 180 and up) Stoor Worm Card

Monster Locations

Electric Snail (lvl 164): Path to Black Swamp, Swamp Field 1 – Black Hole, Swamp Field 2 – Beaver’s Swamp

Mud Bigfoot (lvl 180): Swamp Field 6 – Lake of Illusion

Myconid (lvl 208): Swamp Dungeon 1 – Marshy Trail, Swamp Dungeon 2 – Marshy Pool

Stoor Worm (lvl 221): Swamp Dungeon 5 – Marshy Lawn, Swamp Dungeon 6 – Suu’s Muddy Pool

Mermaid Palace Field 4

First Riddle (lvl 75 and up) Mermaid Little Card

Second Riddle (lvl 80 and up) Water Weed Witch Card

Monster Locations

Mermaid Little (lvl 73): Mermaid Palace Field 1 – Water Park, Mermaid Palace Field 2 – Seaweeds Square

Waterweed Witch (lvl 95): Mermaid Palace Field 3 – Coral Square

Gate of Phantom School

First Riddle (lvl 50 and up) Inky Muk Card

Second Riddle (lvl 80 and up) Shadow Card

Second Riddle (lvl 110 and up) Daze Card

Monster Locations

Inky Muk (lvl 89): Phantom School – 2F Toilet, Phantom School – 3F Toilet

Shadow (lvl 136): Phantom School 3-1, Phantom School 3-2

Daze (lvl 175): Phantom School – Music Room

Rose Field 4 – Bloom Grave

First Riddle (lvl 100 and up) Beast Vincento Card

Second Riddle (lvl 120 and up) Kerberos Card

Second Riddle (lvl 140 and up) Bone Magician Card

Monster Locations

Beast Vincento (lvl 156): Rose Field 4 – Bloom Grave

Kerberos (lvl 179): Vamp Dungeon 1 – Banquet of the Vamp

Bone Magician (lvl 231): Vamp Dungeon 4 – Center of the Dark, Vamp Dungeon 5 – Resurrection of the Dark

Gate of Snow Hill

First Riddle (lvl 150 and up) Bug Bear Card

Second Riddle (lvl 175 and up) Ice Cream Card

Second Riddle (lvl 220 and up) Feyja Card

Second Riddle (lvl 250 and up) Great Coolem Card

Monster Locations

Bug Bear (lvl 150): Frost Wind Forest 2, Path to Snow Hill

Ice Cream (lvl 220): Snow Field 3 – Stairway of Snowflake

Freyja (lvl 264): Ice Dungeon 1 – Cave of Dark Blue, Ice Dungeon 2 – Cave of Crystal, Ice Dungeon 3 – Heart of Crystal

Great Coolem (lvl 280): Ice Dungeon 3 – Heart of Crystal, Ice Dungeon 4 – Teardrop Walkways

Techichi Field 1

First Riddle (lvl 230 and up) Roaster Card

Second Riddle (lvl 260 and up) Orpeo Card

Second Riddle (lvl 280 and up) Dekumanus Card

Monster Locations

Roaster (lvl 266): Frost Wind Forest 1, Path to Techichi 1, Path to Techichi 2

Orpeo (lvl 299): Techichi Field 3

Dekumanus (lvl 312): Techichi Field 4