Trickster Online: Custom Screen Resolution


By default, Trickster Online can be played in only two screen resolutions, in either window mode or full screen mode: 800×600 and 1024×768. However, it is possible to customize a couple of settings so that you can play the game in your preferred screen resolution. For example, I play Trickster Online at 1600×900 pixels at times. I’ll tell you how I did this.

  • Go to the folder UI_nori where you have installed Trickster Online. For example, on one of my computers it is located at C:\Ntreev USA\Trickster Online\data\UI_nori
  • Search for all files and folders that have the number 1024 in it. Also check the folder intro_img.
  • Copy those files to a temporary folder (as back-up).
  • Now rename these files to the resolution you want. For example, I renamed CharCreateUI_1024.nri to CharCreateUI_1600.nri
  • Next, open Run (Start –> Run) and type regedit.
  • Here, go to My_Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Ntreev\Trickster_GSP\Setup
  • Right-click heightPixel, select Modify, set it on Decimal and set your preferred height. In my case, I put it on 900.
  • Right-click widthPixel, select Modify, set it on Decimal and set your preferred height. In my case, I put it on 1600.
  • Start Trickster Online, click on Options. You should now have a blank space in the screen resolution drop-down menu. Select the blank space. Keep it like this or put it on Full Screen Mode and click OK. Now start the game. That should do it!

Final notes:

– Certain things may look a little messed up, for example the character selection screen and MyShop window. Don’t worry about it, as all should be working correctly.

– The char bar might appear tiny. This is probably changeable but I haven’t gotten to do this yet.