Trickster Online: Gacha

Gacha is a mini game feature available both through the website and in-game, where you can collect up to 9 rares total per Gacha Town.

Trickster Online Gacha

How to play Gacha

Playing Gacha requires Gacha Coins. One Gacha coin costs 1000 MyShop Points ($1). There are two drills to use: Basic Drill & Flicker Drill. A Basic drill consumes 1 coin per dig (2 coins in Special Town) and could drill up anything, a Flicker Drill consumes 2 coins per dig (3 coins in Special Town) and always drills up a rare item.

Trickster Online Gacha

Various items are hidden throughout the map of the town. When you drill, you will get a treasure chest. Click on it to open it. A random item will come out of it. When you use a Basic Drill, it could be anything; Potions, an accessory, PPADs, etc. When you use a Flicker Drill, you will guaranteed get a rare item from that town.

Trickster Online Gacha

4G Card

When you collect all 9 rares in the town, you will receive a 4G card as prize. The 4G card can be exchanged at Rosemary in Megalopolis Square.

  • 4G Card 1: Gacha Town 1 – Megalopolis
    Can be exchanged for a Sword.
  • 4G Card 2: Gacha Town 2 – Oops Wharf
    Can be exchanged for a Cane or Gun.
  • 4G Card 3: Gacha Town 3 – Rose Garden
    Can be exchanged for a Hat or Helmet.
  • 4G Card4: Gacha Town 4 – Azteca
    Can be exchanged for a Shield.
  • 4G Card 5: Special Town – Tapasco
    Can be exchanged for a Cape.
  • 4G Card Jr.: Beginner Town – Blooming Cora
    Can be exchanged for Solar Jr. Equipment.

4G Cards are tradable, however once exchanged for equipment, they can not be traded anymore.