VPS Review: Somge Virtual Pets

Somge Virtual PetsSomge Virtual Pet Site is a virtual pet website where users can register and adopt a pet Flurrie in the color of their choice. Upon registering, users will receive 2500 credits (the virtual currency on Somge) and 6 items in their account.

Visit Somge Virtual Pets: (LINK REMOVED: site is no longer available)

Somge Gameplay

Somge offers many fun ways to enjoy the virtual pet site experience. Apart from the obvious – feeding, playing and interacting with your pet – you can plant crops and sell them to earn credits, collect items, level up your pet, play games, do missions, talk on the forums or chatbox, customize your pet’s home, visit other users’ pets, hug them, and more.

Shops restock in a decent amount of time – a matter of minutes. This is excellent because it does not require me to wait an unnecessary long time to check back if the item I want is in stock.

Your user inventory has a limit of 1000 items. This is so far very fair and manageable.

Somge Virtual Pets has its own world map, where you can see several areas to visit: Moon, Mountains, Blotwad, La Mer, FlurrieVille, Woods, Desert, Premville and Radunia Cove. In each area, you can find various things to see and do, such as pet hospital, games, mission items, bank, garden, soup kitchen, etc.

Somge Virtual Pets Somge Virtual Pets Screenshots: World Map (left) and FlurrieVille (right)

Somge Art

I love the art on Somge Virtual Pets. The Flurries are really cute, with big eyes and a happy face. Looking at my pet Flurrie makes me happy and thus motivates me to take care of it. The design of the maps, NPCs and items are also very well done and pleasing to the eye.

Somge Look & Feel

The website is straight-forward and easy to navigate. I can see how many Credits and TX (tickets) I have on the right, along with my pet Flurrie’s total XP, current level and how many experience points my Flurrie still needs to reach the next level.

On the left side, I can see my pet. This is a huge plus, because I love being able to see my pet. (Not all virtual pet sites show your pet on every page of the website.) It is a virtual pet site after all. Along with the image of my pet, there are its stats nicely written out underneath. Should my pet need anything, I’ll be sure to notice it immediately and get it.

Somge Virtual Pets Screenshot: Visiting another user’s pet.

Final words

Somge Virtual Pet Site is currently small, but has a lot of potential. It is entertaining, fun and addicting to play. Think of how fun this virtual pet site would be if it had more members!
So why not go over to (LINK REMOVED: site is no longer available) and register for an account, then proceed to adopt a cute Flurrie of your own and have lots of fun with your new virtual companion on a great virtual pet website!