YouTube auto high quality videos

Youtube Auto HD Plugin FirefoxI created a playlist for myself on YouTube that I like to use while playing a game in fullscreen. Very useful, but it bothered me a bit that I had to manually set each video to the highest quality setting available. I play the game online, meaning it’s not a good idea to switch windows every ~4 minutes to put the video on YouTube on a higher setting for better quality sound. Just think of how bad it would be for the gameplay if a football player on the field took a couple of seconds to text someone on his cellphone every 5 minutes during a match.
So, I went to look for a way to have YouTube automatically play each video at the highest setting available, and I found this: Youtube High Definition, a FireFox add-on. ,,Youtube High Definition is a simple tool that lets you play Youtube Videos at highest resolution.” Sounded good, so I added it to my FireFox immediately.
It works fine, except that it seems to change the size of the video to ‘Large Player’, although not a problem while playing a game, I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy this while browsing YouTube normally. I can always disable the add-on until I need it, anyway. Another downside may be that you can not choose to play a video on 720p instead of 1080p, should your computer be able to handle 720p max or something. It always maximizes the setting.
Either way for me, it’s a solution, and if you’ve been looking for a way to make YouTube auto play videos on the highest setting/in HD, use this add-on to your advantage. It’ll certainly save you time manually checking the best settings for each video. ­čÖé