3 Years Worth of Tea Bags

When I was making tea one day, I crumpled up the tea bag (the bag that the tea bag comes in) and threw it into the living room for Ricky. She chased it and got excited for a new one every day when I was making a cup of tea! When she would hear the sound of me crumpling up the tea bag, she appeared behind me in the kitchen, patiently waiting for me to throw the crumpled tea bag. :D

(There are a lot of crumpled tea bags lost under the couch and behind cabinets…)

So, because I make more tea in a day than Ricky can chase, I randomly started saving up the ‘excess’ tea bags, crumpled up and stored into a container.

I did this for about three years, and I finally decided to stop and show my collection to Ricky!

The result? 16 empty ice cream containers filled with crumpled tea bags!

I put everything into an empty cardboard box and showed it to Ricky!

Here are a couple of photos. The video can be found at the end of this article!

Ricky enjoying herself in the box filled with crumpled up papers!

Cute cat Ricky sitting like a human in her box. :3

Ricky digging her head deep into the crazy amount of crumpled papers, looking like an ostrich after I hid some cat treats in the box!

Watch the video!

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