3D Art: Bunny Fortune Teller Twins

3D art of twins fortune tellers bunnies

These bunny twins are fortune tellers! One bunny loves the color green, the other loves pink. ^_^ Made in Blender. I’m not so good yet at making entire scenes, making everything fit together and match, both size and color wise, so it was good practice.

Cute bunny twins 3D art made in Blender

For the book cases in the back, I created a “book cases texture” in GIMP.

Fortuners scene with cute bunnies made in Blender Cute fortune tellers scene with  bunnies made in Blender

There are decorative items standing on top of the book cases. The bunnies are enjoying a boba milk tea. Each in a flavor matching their favorite colors! ^^

Kawaii 3D art of bunny characters that are fortune tellers

What do you think, would you trust these cute bunnies to tell you your fortune? ^_^

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