3D Art: Glass Kitten with Heart

今日 I decided to make a cute cat in Blender. I wanted the cat to hold a heart in its little paws. The kitten is entirely made up of cubes that I subdivided and then shaded smooth after, even the tail. I shaped the subdivided cubes with Proportional Editing turned on. Lastly, I colored the cat using Vertex Paint Mode. While playing around with the settings, I figured it would be a nice touch to have the kitten look like it was made of glass, with nice reflections and shininess. So here it is, the final result: a shiny glass kitten holding a heart!

More pictures:

A side view of the kitten holding a heart.

The back of the cat. You can see how smooth and reflective the surface is!

I also made a cartoon version of this cute cat! All made in Blender.

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