3D Art: Inside the Pokéball: Marill

Inside the Pokeball is Marill by InspireMari.nl

I know, space doesn’t have anything to do with Marill, but does it look good? Oh yeah! :D So here’s Inside the Pokéball: Marill. Although Marill is a water/fairy type Pokémon, its blue color happens to be a great match with a blue space theme. Inside the Pokéball is a grass field, bushes and a rock. The Pokéball is beautifully shiny, with the top being transparent. The mid-section of the ball is reflective, with a beautiful shiny effect from the space background around it.

3D art of a pokeball with Marill, made with Blender

This is a Blender project that I have been working on for several days. I made most of the elements separately; the space background, the planet in the background, the Pokéball and the water type Pokémon Marill. Although I must admit that I feel like I’ve ‘cheated’ a little bit by adding a ton of light sources in strategic places to get the result that I wanted, I can say I’m very happy with the end result. ^_^

Blender artwork of a Pokeball with Marill inside of it made by InspireMari.nl

For this 3D art project, I used my Pokémon Marill 3D Model that I made available for free before. If you click on that link, you will find more information about this Blender model, and how to download it for free.

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