3D Art: Kawaii Pudding

Cute 3D Art of Pudding

Hi friends! Today I would like to share with you these pictures of pudding. And not just any pudding – super kawaii pudding! I made these in Blender – a free program for 3D modeling.

Let’s start off with a basic, a classic yellow kawaii pudding with chocolate glazing on top!

Next, I created a strawberry pink pudding, with a light strawberry pink glazing and a strawberry on top, in a circle of strawberry flavored hard candies!

I then made a cute pink pudding with a delicious, light purple glazing over it. Plus, a cute little cat paw on top! And white, snowy sprinkles. ^_^

And finally, another strawberry pudding with chocolate glazing, but this time a little bit darker and with whipped cream with a cherry on top!

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