3D Art: Marill (+free download!)

Pokemon Marill 3D model by InspireMari

For a project I am currently working on in Blender, I made a 3D model of Marill in Blender 3.2. It contains no textures – the white belly and pink inner ears are vertex paint colors. Since there might be some Pokémon fans out there who would like to play around with a free Marill 3D model in Blender, I decided to make the .blend file available. :-)

Download Blender model of Marill

Blender download free 3D model of Marill

Download link: Free Marill .blend file on InspireMari’s Ko-Fi page

If you would like to play around with my 3D model of this Pokémon, head over to my Ko-Fi page (link above) where you can find it for download! It’s completely free of charge, don’t hesitate to put “0” in the input field. Should you later on decide that the Marill 3d model was of use to you and you would like to ‘give back to the community’, you can always come by again and leave a little tip. ^_^


I am by no means a Blender expert and I do not make any claims of my works being optimal for use in any way. I’ll happily accept criticism and feedback, but if you are experiencing any problems with my 3D model, I do not guarantee that I can help you out.

You should ideally use Blender 3.2.0 and up to work with this 3D model. In earlier Blender versions, the Vertex Colors may appear black.

You may NOT sell my unaltered .blend file. Feel free to share it with others free of charge, but do give credit to me by either linking to inspiremari.nl or my Ko-Fi page: InspireMari on Ko-Fi.

By downloading my free model, you agree to the above.

Thank you and have fun!

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