3D Fanart of Clodsire (Pokemon Scarlet and Violet)

There is a new Pokémon evolution in town! It’s Clodsire, the evolution of Paldean Wooper. I think this Pokémon looks awesome, so I immediately started modeling it in Blender.

In addition to modeling Clodsire, I also edited this Pokémon via Sculpt Mode. I used Vertex Paint to give it its colors.

I even gave it a quick rig setup to be able to move it!

Pictured above: I made Clodsire crawl out of the water, onto a patch of sand at the beach. Clodsire meets a couple of friendly Wigletts on the beach!

I think this image has a bit of a Pokémon Snap feel to it. ^_^

I edited this picture in GIMP after rendering in Blender. Thank you for having a look!

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