4 years since Trickster Online closed down

Trickster Online mmo game

Today, February 27th, marks exactly 4 years since my favorite MMO closed its servers. On February 27th 2013, the servers of the English version of the free to play MMO game Trickster Online were shut down. This was a game I played since late 2007. It allowed me to make many friends and simply have a lot of fun. It was a sad surprise to hear that Trickster Online was shutting down. Shortly afterwards, the Japanese servers of Trickster Online were shut down and eventually the servers of South Korea, where the game originated from, were also shut down.

Trickster Online was my first online game and surprisingly, it was also my favorite. Starting over on a private server was not really an option for me; I lost not only friends, but also all of my items and hard work. With several characters over level 150, with my main character being level 252, I did not feel like starting over. Trickster Online was a game that had gone and would never come back. No matter how hard the players pleaded and petitioned.

A new favorite game

I have searched for another MMO game to fill the void, but could never quite find one that made me feel the way Trickster Online did. Although there was one MMORPG that I fell in love with, Luna Online, it turned out I had joined another dying game; the servers were shut down a week after I joined.
Meanwhile I’ve tried tons of MMO games… La Tale, Aika, Shaiya, Tera, Spirit Tracks, Dragonica, Ether Saga Odyssey, Dream of Mirror Online… none of them came close to what Trickster Online had to offer. But in terms of graphics and gameplay and community.

Trickster Online mmo game

It made me feel sad to no longer have such a strong connection with a game. But luckily, as of late 2016, I have found yet another game that I am very fond of. Although it is not an MMORPG – it’s Splatoon (Wii U).

Splatoon’s graphics, characters, story, music, community… it’s all good. It’s not Trickster Online, not at all. But at least I have at last found a game that gives me a similar feeling.

Trickster Online mmo game

Goodbye Trickster Online

I will forever remember my first MMO game. Goodbye Trickster Online and goodbye to all of my friends, most of whom I have lost contact. Goodbye Kinomi, Sakye, Mews, Darkivan, Nubiduk, Zexen, Tiefling, Inez, Hot13, Enthusiasm, Pompoko, Lucette, Brightdown, Kaeru, Shadow & Frozen, Kizuma and so many more.

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