5 Reasons to Follow Me!

5 Reasons to Follow Me

I’m an old school blogger. With this I mean that I share most of my stuff via my own website, rather than through social media. Social media – such as Twitter – are simply add-ons to my main website and main activities. With the exception of my Backyard Cats YouTube Chanel – I post new videos regularly!

My style may remind you of the early 2000s era of the internet. As well, I like to create little gimmick types of Mini Games and I also have an old fashioned Resources page!

I have compiled a list of 5 reasons to follow me. And by following me, I mean keeping an eye on my website. Bookmark it. Visit it regularly to see what I’m up to, where I am, where my cats are and how my art is going. Furthermore, I’m excited to share valuable resources to artists and content creators alike!

Top 5 Reasons to Follow Me!

Of course, my website doesn’t grow as fast as you may be used to from most websites nowadays that are run by several people and incorporate tons of user generated content. It’s also far removed from the concept of social media, where users can refresh their timelines to instantly be served by new content that they haven’t seen before.

I work on my website all by myself, and have been doing so since 2009. Every single post is carefully crafted to my liking, and you will regularly see me visit older pages and posts to update them.

Now, let’s dive into the reasons to follow me:

1. I’m embarking on a huge adventure!

I will be moving from The Netherlands to Eastern Europe soon! This is a huge step for me and I’m excited to share my journey as I’m finding a new home in a new country. I will also be posting useful information to anyone seeking information on moving to the Philippines, including advice and my experience with moving to The Philippines with cats.

2. I share the life of my cats!

If you are a cat lover, you might enjoy following the life of my two cats, Tommy (male, 11) and Ricky (female, 3)! I also have a YouTube channel called Backyard Cats where you can follow them. You will follow their adventures as they are moving from The Netherlands to The Philippines with me. In a way, you not only follow their lives, but also my life through my cats.

3. I share a lot of cute things!

I love everything kawaii! That is first and foremost the main subject on my website. On my blog, I will share with you lots of things that are cute! Most photos and other content on InspireMari.nl are generally visually appealing. Moreover, my blog posts often times contain more than one picture (such posts are also referred to as “photo blogs“) for you to enjoy scrolling through.

If you are a fan of simple games, like those from back in the day, you might enjoy my Mini Games page! These games can run in your browser because they use either JavaScript or PHP (just like the majority of webpages). Ideally they are played on a desktop computer or laptop, but most of them also work on mobile devices. The mini games page contains small browser games that involve minor effort on the player’s part, but there are also visualizations and other types of interactions.

4. I make cute art!

I love making cute art. On my blog, you will find pixel art, 3D art as well as 2D art. For my 3D art, I use a free program called “Blender”. For my pixel art, I am currently mostly using MS Paint and GIMP. For my 2D art, I’m using Krita. I draw original characters as well as fanart. Recurring themes are for example Pokemon and Splatoon!

In addition to posting my artworks, I will also occasionally my show art progress.
Follow me on my journey as an artist and watch how I grow!

5. I want to help you!

In addition to posting my artworks, I will also share resources with you! On my Resources page, you will find a bunch of stuff that I created that you can use! Think of avatars, icons and other graphics, as well as informative guides.

For example, I occasionally share tips and guides for artists who work with the 3D program Blender, as well some other subjects.


I’m always excited to share my world with you through my personal blog. I love to create art and take photos, and I hope my work will bring you joy!

InspireMari.nl is a place where you can find kawaii art, delicious food photos and easy recipes, useful resources, cute cat pictures and much more. InspireMari.nl serves as an escape from everyday life, allowing you to lose yourself in the beauty of nature, cuteness overload, cute cats and fantasy worlds.

In this blog post, I have given you five reasons to follow me. The subjects of my blog may be diverse, but they are all connected through me. Be sure to bookmark my website and come back regularly! Or, you can always follow me on Twitter and you will occasionally be reminded to check out my weblog. ~_^

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