7 Kawaii Kitty Adoptables for Sale!

Kawaii Kitty Adoptables by inspiremari

May I introduce you to these 7 adorable kitty adoptables? These kitties are available for adoption via my Ko-Fi page as of now!

I had been thinking about putting a couple of adoptables for sale for around 3 years now. These kitties were crafted with love back in July of this year. Yes, I’ve spent that much time thinking about whether I should sell these kitty adoptables, and I’ve finally decided to do so. I figured my Ko-Fi page is the perfect place to list them!

The most difficult part was coming up with a price though. You see, I spent several hours on the initial idea of these kitty designs, and then I spent at least one hour per kitty adoptable. What is that worth in terms of monetary compensation? Well, I figured I’d throw in the freedom to do with the adopted kitty as you like (gift, trade, sell / make changes) and decided upon 15 USD to start with. If they don’t sell, I can always lower my price or decide to use these designs for something else.

Cute Cat Adoptables by inspiremari

What are adoptables?

Adoptables are character designs created by artists that are available for others to purchase or “adopt”. These characters can vary in species, appearance, and style, and once someone purchased an adoptable, they typically gain the rights to use that character in their own creative works. Adoptables can be used for stories, roleplaying and more.

Artists often create adoptables for various reasons. Some of these reasons include showcasing their artistic skills, engaging with the community, and potentially earning income through sales. The appeal of adoptables lies in their potential to jumpstart creative processes. They provide a visual muse for people with varying levels of artistic ability.

Prices for adoptables can vary widely depending on factors like the complexity of the design, the artist’s reputation, and the demand for their work. Some adoptables are sold through auctions, where interested buyers place bids. Others may be sold through a fixed-price model.

Get Your Kitty Adoptables Now

Take one of my kitty adoptables on to your unique world! You will find 7 special designs: Cloud Kitty, Patches Kitty, Luck Kitty, Sprinkles Kitty, Gold Kitty, Coat Kitty, and Angel Kitty. You can get them now from my Ko-Fi shop.

Why choose an adoptable? They are more than digital creations. These kitties serve as a direct support for myself as an artist. By adopting one of my cat drawings, you will acquire a one-of-a-kind, customizable piece of artwork. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new into the world virtual adoptables, these kitties are happy to go on a journey with you.

Explore my Ko-Fi shop today and select your favorite kitty!

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