A New Chapter Opens Up

Philippines in 2019

I’ve been laying low for a while to process the events of the recent years in my life, with my mom’s passing being the hardest to process, as the medical people made some horrible decisions in her recent days.

On this website, I probably won’t be going into much detail about this. But imagine you constantly get told you have only weeks to live and when you’re doing really badly physically and mentally, they take the most important portion of your care away to save money on you, telling you you’re doing “so well you can go without”. And then you die a week later.


Things did not go how they should, or how they could have. My mom was written off by the health care people and medical people from the beginning – even when she could still do everything herself. They ignored problem after problem, blaming the cancer for it and then ultimately causing great harm to her because it wasn’t the cancer.

In fact, all the health care and medical people around her once refused to look at a severely painful issue to the point where she could have died: they just drugged her up so she would stop crying in pain and left her like that.

I’ve been shocked by the lack of quick response (3 hours of waiting time in the event above) and proper care in my country. And I am disappointed that medical people and helpers did not listen to me or my mom.

Actually, writing this article prompted me to make an appointment with a lawyer to see whether any form of justice can be achieved.

A New Chapter

With both of my parents’ passing, I have to move out of their home, where I’ve lived for 32 years. (Have to – I’m not allowed to rent it by law.)

That’s fine, I mean, I will be going to The Philippines again, like I did in 2019.

But in 2019, my parents were still alive and quite well, especially my mom. (It’s amazing how quickly things can go south. Cherish every moment with your loved ones!) And I had my home to return to, any time I wanted to.

This time around, a completely new chapter has opened up. In a few months from now, when I close the door behind me, there is no more place that I used to call “home” to come back to.

My childhood home where I grew up, my bedroom where I’ve spent so much time drawing, learning how to make websites, listening to music and gaming, the big backyard that the cats love, I must leave it all behind.

New people will make this their home.

And I will have to make myself a new home elsewhere.

Ricky and Tommy are coming along, of course!

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