App Game Review: Animal Judy Tame Rabbit Care

Animal Judy: Tame Rabbit is a free to play pet breeding ap published by ENISTUDIO Corp. It is a casual virtual pet SIM game with cute graphics, nice sounds and background music.

Animal Judy Tame Rabbit Care

Your goal in this game is to take care of rabbits and feed them, clean them, play with them. By feeding them you make their level grow, so they are ready for ‘breeding’. This is how you discover all possible tame rabbit variations in the game.

Game introduction

First things first, you will be assigned a room for your rabbit. This rabbit will produce gold for. You click tap on the animal to receive the gold it has produced. This gold is necessary to purchase food and new rabbits, among other uses. If your rabbit becomes sick or needs a bath, simply drag the sponge or medicine icon onto it. If it wants to play, grab the ball to play with your rabbit.

Please be warned – animals in the Animal Judy games are quite high maintenance. You’ll find yourself constantly taking care of your rabbit while playing this game. Which means it’s active to play, but it may become boring or repetitive. If you’re looking for a game to run on the side while you do other things… well, it is possible, but only if you can resist the sad faces the animals make when they need something (bath, play, medicine).

Animal Judy Tame Rabbit Care

You will now need to purchase rabbits and raise their level (by feeding them) so they can breed. Only two of the same rabbits can breed and produce a new animal (they actually ‘merge’ and form a brand new bunny). You will continue doing this to discover all possible rabbit variations in the game.

An additional feature of Animal Judy: Tame Rabbit Care is being able to buy items to ‘decorate’ your rabbits with. These are simply little items that you can put on your rabbit’s head. The stats of the item can also be increased.

Animal Judy Tame Rabbit Care


Animal Judy Tame Rabbit Care is fun to play for all ages. The game is easy to understand and the graphics are definitely eyecatchers. If you are looking for more games like this, ENISTUDIO Corp actually released several ‘Animal Judy’ app games. – if tame rabbits are not your thing, perhaps you’ll like to breed unicorns, hedgehogs, cats, otters and so on. There are plenty to choose from. Other than that, each game is the same (same gameplay).

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