App Review: Animal Evolution

Animal Evolution clicker game

If you haven’t had enough of so-called clicker games on your (Android) phone yet, here’s one you should really try: Animal Evolution – Idle Tycoon, a free to play app published Diced Pixel, LLC. A casual app game for all ages that offers in-app purchases.

Animal Evolution offers a lot of gameplay and variety for your efforts: completed all possible evolutions by combining the animals? No way! Restart the game (‘Reincarnation’) and you’ll see there’s more to discover, over and over.

Getting into this game is extremely easy and discovering all possible mutations of the animals in this clicker game is a lot of fun. Earning coins is also a breeze, once you get the hang of it you’ll be earning millions (or billions… or trillions!) in no time.

Animal Evolution clicker game

Easy gameplay

Open the boxes that are tossed into your designated area or purchase animals to get started. When you have two of the same animals, combine them for a new animal. This is how you get to discover a ton of mutations of all kinds of animals; dogs, cats, pandas, foxes, penguins, you name it.

The more animals you have, or even better, the more advanced your mutations are, the more coins you will earn. Don’t forget to actively work on your missions to earn coins even faster. Do you have other responsibilities? Don’t worry – you can simply close the app and come back later. In the mean time, Animal Evolution continues to rack up the coins for you. You’ll see a nice little pop-up telling you how much you’ve earned when you come back.

Animal Evolution clicker game

Graphics & Sound

The graphics of Animal Evolution are very simple, but far from ugly. Some animal mutations rae better than others and some are just too cute! The music and sounds are fine; they do their job.

Animal Evolution clicker game

Gameplay Video

Curious to find out how this game is before you install it? Below is a video of me playing the game on BlueStacks on PC. BlueStacks is a free Android Game Simulation for Windows.

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