Ash Ketchum Emotes (+ free download!)

I designed an emote base and pre-made 8 emotes of Ash Ketchum in three different file sizes: 112×112, 56×56, 28×28 pixels. 彼ら are compatible for Twitch, but you can use them elsewhere where you find a use for them too of course, such as Discord or even your own website. ^_^

I will use the same base to make different emotes, but for now, feel free to go ahead and download these Ash Ketchum emotes for free!

Download free Ash Ketchum emote pack

Download link: Free Ash Ketchum Twitch Emote Pack on InspireMari’s Ko-Fi page

I made the emotes available on my Ko-Fi page (link above). You are free to use them wherever you wish; Twitch, Discord, WhatsApp/Telegram, your own website, anywhere. If you do use these Ash Ketchum emotes, please give me credit somewhere by linking to or at least mentioning “InspireMari” as the maker of the emotes.

You may modify the images, but I still require you to credit me and do not allow you to resell or redistribute the modified images.

You may NOT redistribute this emote pack. To share the emote pack, please use the link to the download page.

Thanks and enjoy!

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