Axolotl Gaming Chair (+ Free Asset Download)

Axolotl Gaming Chair 3D model made in Blender

Perhaps somewhat random, but I designed a gaming chair in Blender. Not just any gaming chair, an axolotl gaming chair!

I wanted to design a cute pink gaming chair, and then it turned out to be an axolotl gaming chair.

Kawaii Pink Axolotl Gaming Chair 3D art made in Blender

I am hereby displaying the 3D art of the gaming chair in two different angles.

Plus! I made a lightly edited version available for free as an asset for anyone who wants to use it. You could use it in your personal background project, on your stream, as a VTuber asset oor PNGTuber asset or anything else you can think of!

Free Asset Download: Axolotl Gaming Chair

Free VTubers Asset: Pink Axolotl Gaming Chair made in Blender

Download my Axolotl Gaming Chair via my Ko-Fi page.

Have fun!

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