Backyard Cats Update: Cats in Their New Apartment

I took a few nice shots of the cats lately so I thought I’d show you how the cats are doing so far in their new apartment here in Bulgaria! The Backyard Cats miss their backyard, I know that. I’m thinking about solutions to give them a sense of outdoors without allowing them to escape. Of course I’ll post about it when I got a solution. For now, I’ve placed a scratch post by the window and I make sure they can smell the outdoor air regularly! (It’s kinda cold lately so I’ve been keeping the windows shut most of the time.)

Ricky relaxing on her scratch post by the window in the sun. :-)

Look at this cute picture I took of Ricky!

Ricky staring at a pigeon on the balcony. >:3

I thought this is a nice shot and shows how pretty she is!

And of course Tommy! He mostly sleeps on the couch or bed. In the morning, he enjoys the sun in the patio. He is very content being here, and I’m happy about that.

As for Ricky, she is alright most of the time, but she has become a bit ‘needy’ and ‘controlling’, actually. She wakes me up every night for snacks… sometimes twice. She will scratch the cabinet to no end if I don’t wake up. Luckily most items can not get significantly damaged (I’m renting a furnished apartment) and I take protective measures for whatever they could damage. She has access to two bedrooms, a living room, hallway and kitchen, plus a patio. She has window access, a scratch post, a grass mat, beds, pillows, toys (balls, plushies and other small items she likes to play with). But somehow she needs more. Perhaps it takes a while for her to adjust to the new situation. I’m doing my best to accommodate her needs. And as you can see from the pictures, she does enjoy relaxing a lot. Ricky too likes to sleep on the bed, and her other favorite places are a pillow on a chair and her scratch post.

You can trust me that I’m doing my best to take care of the backyard cats, and try to keep them safe and content in their new environment. New updates will follow!

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