Blender Eevee Glass Refraction Fix

Blender EEVEE glass refraction problem fix

I just started using the EEVEE rendering engine of Blender and as I was attempting to transform a previous model I made in Cycles to Eevee, I ran into an ugly problem with the reflection/refraction of the glass material of my bottle. As you can see on the image on the left, the refraction of the glass makes this ugly effect at the ‘cork’ of the bottle and the ‘band/collar’ around the bottle at the bottom.

Nothing I tried out fixed the problem, until I did the following:

Blender EEVEE glass refraction material settings

Go to the Material Properties tab of the glass item -> scroll down to Settings -> Make sure Screen Space Refraction is checked and set the Refraction Depth to 0.010.

This gave me the result that I was looking for, for this particular model.

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