Blender: How to add Transparent Images as Planes

Blender how to import transparent png on a plane

For a project I’m working on, I needed to have Blender load multiple transparent PNG images as planes. It required a bit of experimenting how I could best do this, but I managed to do it as follows:

Blender 2.82 Transparent Images as Planes

How to import transparent images in Blender on a plane

Note: I use Blender EEVEE rendering engine, but it seems to work in Cycles as well.

To achieve being able to load my transparent PNG files as planes in Blender, I simply went to Edit -> Preferences and under Add-ons, I selected Import-Export: Import images as Planes (add a checkmark, save your preferences in the bottom left corner).

Now you can simply drag and drop your transparent png files into your Blender working area!

How to remove black outline on transparent PNG plane

And then I ran into a problem: a black outline was showing on my transparent PNG images. Luckily I was able to remove this by going to the Object Data Properties and checking ‘Use Alpha’. See image below for where you can find this setting exactly:

Black outline on transparent images on planes

Mari's Note

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