Blender: How to Flip an Image Texture

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I’m certain I’m not working with textures the ‘professional way’ in Blender, but I do have a way of applying textures to my models. This way pretty much always works out, except sometimes I will run into a little problem I need to find a solution for. One of these problems is that my image isn’t applied properly – and then I always first select the face where I’m applying my image, press U and then Unwrap.

Then… my appears appears flipped or mirrored on my model. Great. Luckily though, by playing around a bit with the Mapping properties in the Shader Editor (if you don’t have Mapping properties, you can either manually add the nodes or just press CTRL + T after clicking on your image node, the one that has the path to your image texture in it).

My image texture is mirrored, now what?

If you are running into the same problem as me and your image texture appears flipped/mirrored and you want to rotate it but you don’t know how, it’s very simple! In the Mapping node, just rotate your image on the X axis by 180 degrees.

If your image is lying on its side, just rotate on the Z axis until it’s in the right direction. :-)

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