Blender: How To Hide Object In Render

Blender How to Hide an Object in your Render 2.92

I am currently using Blender version 2.92. There used to be two icons visible in the Blender Outliner, one for hiding an object in your scene and one for hiding an object in your render. Well, that’s missing now… I needed to disable something, so I had to figure this out. Turns out it’s really easy, actually!

Blender: Disable object in render

  • In the Outliner, click on the Filter icon
  • Click on the Camera icon in the little drop-down display
  • Move your cursor away from the drop-down display
  • You now have an Eye (Viewport) and a Camera (Render) icon
  • Click on the Camera icon for the object you want to see disabled in your Rendered image

For more clarity, please see the screenshot above!

Mari's Note

Thank you for checking out my Blender Note! I am by all means a beginner in Blender, so I do not feel qualified to label this post as a 'tip' or 'tutorial'. However, I decided to upload this note for myself, and hopefully it can be useful to others as well.

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