Blender: How to Loop Cut selected face only

Blender How to make a loop cut on selected face

I often start making something in Blender, only to realize I really wish I could use the Loop Cut Tool on just one selected area (face). Using the Knife Tool just doesn’t cut it(!) most of the time.

Luckily, it is possible to Loop Cut just the selected face!

How to use Loop Cut and Slide on Selected Face

Select the face you wish to use the Loop Cut Tool (ctrl + R) on and press ctrl + H. This will hide everything except for the area you have selected.

When you are finished, just press alt + H to unhide.


Mari's Note

Thank you for checking out my Blender Note! I am by all means a beginner in Blender, so I do not feel qualified to label this post as a 'tip' or 'tutorial'. However, I decided to upload this note for myself, and hopefully it can be useful to others as well.

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