Blender: How to Make Light Not Affect an Object

For my Priring model, I am using both an hdri environment and two lights/lamps (sun). The lights created an effect on my model that I didn’t want and I didn’t feel like experimenting with another 10 hdri files instead… So I needed to know how to make light not affect an object in Blender.

Luckily, I was able to figure out the solution to this problem and I’m happy to tell you: it’s very easy!

Remove Light Reflection in Blender

To make sure a light does not reflect onto your model, simply go to the light source tab. You will see Diffuse, Specular and Volume turned all the way up. Reduce Specular to zero and your light reflection on your Blender model will be removed!

Video: Make Light Not Affect an Object

If you’d rather watch a video on how to do this in Blender, please check below!

Mari's Note

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