Blender Problem: Array Modifier Not Working Correctly

For this Blender project, I made a section of a vine that I wanted to make longer using the Array Modifier. After enabling the Array Modifier on my object however, I noticed the Array Modifier not working correctly. The offset was wrong. With this I mean that the object was shifted slightly, but I need it perfectly on top of the other object.

In case this is a problem you’ve also ran into while using Blender, perhaps my solution will work for you too! I am using Blender 3.5.0 by the way.

Fix Array Modifier Not Working Correctly

When using the Array Modifier in Blender, especially in scenarios where you want precise and seamless duplication without shifts, aligning the Gizmo with the 3D Cursor becomes important.

The Array Modifier duplicates objects based on the transformation of the original object. If the 3D Cursor is set as the pivot point and you align the Gizmo with it, the duplication will occur precisely along the desired axis.This is what I did to fix my problem with the array modifier offset being off center:

First of all, I disabled the Array Modifier and went back to my original object. What I noticed, was that the 3D Cursor and Gizmo were not in the same spot. That is what caused my problem. This is how I fixed it:

  • Snap -> Cursor to World Origin
  • Snap -> Selection to Cursor
  • Ctrl+A -> Apply rotation and scale


By aligning the Gizmo with the 3D Cursor and setting the Array Modifier’s pivot point to the 3D Cursor, you ensure that the duplication occurs precisely along the specified axis without any shifts.

And there you have it! Hope this helps.

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