Blender Problem: Brushes Inverted in Sculpt Mode

I made this flower in Object Mode in Blender, and then I wanted to hop over to Sculpt Mode to add some more details to it. When I entered Sculpt Mode, I noticed the brush I was using was inverted. I wanted to ‘hollow out’ the leaf a little bit so to speak, but it was adding to it instead.

To do this, I was using the Blob brush. Normally I would hold Ctrl on the keyboard to do the opposite of the brush’s default setting.

So it seemed like the brushes in Sculpt Mode were inverted. How did that happen? Probably an issue with the normals…

Blender Inverted Brushes – Quick Fix

I went back into Object Mode, switched to Edit Mode and then clicked on Mesh -> Normals -> Recalculate Outside.

That did the trick!

Mari's Note

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