Blender Problem: Copy Buffer is Empty

Blender Copy Buffer is Empty problem

Unfortunately, I ran into an annoying problem where I wasn’t able to copy paste objects from one Blender file into another. I always do this by opening two instances of Blender, and simply applying the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V technique.

This time however, it didn’t work… and I couldn’t understand why. Every time I tried to paste an object, it said “Copy Buffer is Empty“.

Searching on the Internet, I read about things like the Temp path being empt causing a problem, or two different versions of Blender… but that didn’t apply to me.

So after trying out some more, I suddenly realized what the problem was… I was in pose mode. Oops. I changed back to Object mode and then I was able to copy paste my objects just fine again!

Mari's Note

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